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Texas Scramble 

Scramble tournaments involve teams of 2 golfers and a flight of 4. In a Scramble tournament each team member tees off on every hole. After the initial tee shots, the team selects the best shot out of their teammates and then each team member plays their next shot from that spot. This continues throughout the rest of the shots on the hole including putting. A player is allowed to place the ball within one club length of the spot of the best shot, but not nearer to the hole. The scramble will be played as a stroke play event. Each player must make a minimum of 6 drives. Scores will be cumulative.

Best Ball

Best Ball tournament involves teams of 2 golfers and a flight of 4 and will be played as stroke play. Each team member plays their own ball throughout the round. After each hole, the lowest score from each team member is the score for that team on the hole. For instance, on a par 4 for team 1 golfer A makes a 5 while golfer B makes a 4 and team 2 golfer C makes a 3 while golfer D makes a 6; so team 1 would use golfer B’s score of 4 and team 2 would use golfer C’s score of 3. Scores will be cumulative.

2 Balls Aggregate

2 Balls Aggregate involves teams of 2 golfers and a flight of 4. Each team member plays their own ball throughout the round. The score of each player of the team will be added after each hole. Scores will be cumulative.


Welcome Cocktail at Los Menceyes Properties in Palm Mar August 31st 

3 days tournament, drinks, picnics and/or food stands on golf courses

Transport to and from all 3 tournaments (leaving and arriving at meeting point in Palm Mar)

Tournament Cost: €350 per person/ €700 per pair

Walking Dinner & Closing Ceremony with Prizes @ Bahia Beach September 3rd 

Click on a day to find out more about each course. 

Day 1 Golf Las Americas

Day 2 Tecina Golf

Day 3 Amarilla Golf

Contact us if you are interested in renting golf clubs

*Schedule subject to alterations*

Tournament Info: More Info
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